A little talk for my comeback!

Hi every one, long time no see. It’s been a long time since the last time I did write some blogs. Recently I’ve just quit my job and I’ve been looking for a new one, so it’s about time to get back to problem solving.

The best way to repair for coding test is to solve problems. The more problems you solve, the better and quicker you will perform. This time though, even if I get a new job, I’ll still continue keep practicing more and write more blogs.

There are also some changes. For the “Problem solving” section, from now on, I will try to come up with the most elegant, succinct and easy to understand write-up that I can possibly think of.

I consider myself to be an average problem solver, but no one is good without learning and practicing, right?

I hope that the content on this site can help you to get an idea on solving some problems, also I will show case some of my projects that I’ve done, feel free to ping me for the source code. To be honest, the current projects on this site are quite “dump”, it’s my university projects, most of them use outdated technology, back-then I even didn’t know how to use git and github so I saved my code on GoogleDrive :V

Please considering donating if you feel it’s worth: